Our core business is the development, production and assembly of miniaturised optics. We produce spherical lenses, systems and optical assemblies to the highest level of precision and diameters from 0.3 mm to 15 mm. We process all optical glasses and crystals with classic fabrication methods.

Lenses, windows, apertures

  • Optical lenses, spherical (precision-centred, single/mounted)
  • Windows, flat platelets (precision-centred, single/mounted)
  • Apertures (black-chrome thin film, precision-centred)
  • Production of prototypes, small and large volumes

Rod lenses

  • Rod lenses, radii rods, flat rods
  • Single and multiple elements (centring and external shapes according to customer’s specification)
  • Production of prototypes, small and large volumes

Multiple element assemblies

  • Achromatic lenses
  • Apochromatic lenses
  • Complex composite component assemblies combining lenses and prisms
  • Centring and external shapes according to customer’s specification

Objective lenses, eyepieces

  • Fully configured camera objective lenses with diameter from 0.5mm to 8mm (barrel geometries according to customer’s specification)
  • Precision micro-objectives for 1/4 , 1/6 , 1/10 , 1/15 , 1/18 inch CCD/CMOS imager sensors
  • Integrated total solutions with specifiable parameters according to customer’s wishes
  • Optical compact assemblies, multi-element assemblies
  • Eyepieces and other component assemblies made up of combinations of lenses, prisms and prism groups – cemented and mounted


On behalf of our customers we calculate, develop, produce and assemble highly complex optical systems, all from one source. Our comprehensive technical knowledge supports the need of our customers to develop ever smaller, more flexible and higher performing optical devices. A designated team of experts integrates and takes into account state-of-the-art technologies in order to be able to offer economically and functionally top solutions. The optical design is calculated and performed internally according to the customer’s specifications and always in close cooperation.

In order to meet the highest level of quality requirements, we are equipped with state-of-the-art measurement instruments and production machines, the majority of which are developed in-house.

Production process

From the enquiry to volume production

  • Creation of the complete specifications together with the customer
  • Calculation of optics, scattered light analyses and technological coordination with internal and external production resources.
  • Complete design of the entire image transfer path: calculation from the object to the CCD/CMOS sensors
  • Checking of functionality and quality with state-of-the-art tolerance analyses
  • Functional and cost optimisation of the opto-mechanical design for economical volume production