Originally, our expertise was mainly used in medical fields of application: endoscopy is one of the most advanced areas of optical miniaturisation. 

However, today our optical micro-lenses are needed in various industries and fields of application. Mikrop AG is one of the leading providers of specialised micro-optics for industrial image processing and medical technology applications.

Mikrop products are also used in the following areas

  • Optical systems for image capturing and transmission onto small CCD/CMOS sensors
  • Opto-electronic sensors and contactless measurement technology
  • Laser beam focussing and optical communication
  • Optical systems for OCT (optical coherence tomography)
  • Wide angle objective lenses, also for short shooting distances
  • Smallest system dimensions


Mikrop customers come from the following markets

  • Endoscopy
  • Medical technology incl. dental and veterinary
  • Automotive
  • Print technology
  • Machine vision
  • Micro-sensors
  • Telecommunications
  • Quality control
  • Research
  • Astronomy

The Mikrop customer benefits

  • Investment protection: Guaranteed quality products and solutions, coupled with the highest level of reliability
  • Innovation: State-of-the-art products, developments and special productions at the forefront of technology
  • Individuality: Flexible, tailored customer solutions and therefore intensively cultivated customer proximity
  • Efficiency: Low tooling costs thanks to in-house tool construction