Together with our customers we develop, produce and assemble highly complex optical systems, all from a single source. Our comprehensive expertise enables development of the even-smaller, more flexible and more powerful optical devices that our customers require.

Through our many years of experience in micro-optics production, we have deep expertise that we are continually expanding with technological innovations. Internationally active customers in Europe, North America and Asia appreciate our valuable technical expertise and benefit from intelligent solution systems for precision optics.


Our experienced team of experts in the fields of optical, mechanical and assembly design work with our customers to develop the perfect optical and optomechanical systems, accompanying the project from the development stage to series production. All from a single source.

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In addition to development, Mikrop also specializes in the production and assembly of micro-optical components and systems. We manufacture spherical lenses and optical assembly systems with the highest precision and diameters from 0.3 mm. From grinding, polishing, coating and assembly to final qualification, we do everything in-house at Mikrop.

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