Our Values

We work with precision and efficiency.

Our products and services are the result of world-class precision. With our mindset and the tools we choose, we work with efficiency and uncompromising accuracy.

We focus on solutions and results.

Our goal is always to exceed our customers’ expectations. We see problems as challenges to examine until we have determined the causes. We’re not satisfied until we have found the optimal solution, because in the end it’s the result that counts – for our customers as well as for us.

We are reliable and keep our word.

We only make promises we can keep, and we always deliver what we promised. Business partners and employees alike can always count on us to act responsibly and reliably. We make clear and binding commitments.

We are forward-thinking and open.

We proactively shape our future by resolutely looking forward and always staying open to learning new things. We’re always striving to improve, because for us, standing still means going backwards. We seize new potential by acting with agility, speed and flexibility.

We are a team – we are Mikrop!

We are a team and strive to succeed together. We mutually inform and support each other. We know that we can only win as a team if we all bring our personal skills and strengths to bear.

We do our utmost every day to make Mikrop even better – because we’re Mikrop!