Our core business is the development, production and assembly of miniaturized optics. Mikrop manufactures spherical lenses, systems and optical assemblies with extraordinary precision and passion. Our greatest expertise lies in the diameter range of 0.3 mm to 10 mm. Mikrop processes all optical glasses and crystals with traditional optical fabrication methods. We also offer the development, production and assembly of plastic micro-objectives.

Optical Components and Assemblies

  • Spherical lenses (convex, concave), windows
  • Rod lenses: with/without additional lens, with/without coating
  • Optical assemblies: Achromats, apochromatic lenses, with/without aperture
  • Composite component assemblies combining lenses and prisms: Imaging system including beam deflection
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Micro-objectives and Micro-cameras

  • Micro-objectives: mounted optical assemblies
  • Plastic micro-objectives
  • Micro-camera: micro-objectives mounted on a camera sensor
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