We have been creating miniaturized optical systems of the highest standard for customers around the world since 1981. We guarantee Swiss precision and reliability to customers in the medical technology and industrial sectors.

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ISO Certificate 9001:2015


Mikrop AG was founded in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 1981. Today, we have roughly 200 dedicated employees at our locations in Switzerland and Serbia. Our decades of experience in the field have given us comprehensive expertise in the development and production of micro-optics.

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Working at Mikrop

Our 70 employees at our Swiss location in Wittenbach bring a multitude of different capabilities to their work in a variety of fields. What they all have in common is their dedication to providing our customers with flawless high-precision products. Mikrop’s production follows clearly defined workflows and processes to achieve the highest quality standards.

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Our Values

These are the values that we practice every day and that set us apart:

  • We work with precision and efficiency.
  • We focus on solutions and results.
  • We are reliable and keep our word.
  • We are forward-thinking and open.
  • We are a team – we are Mikrop!
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Our memberships in various industry associations foster innovation and fruitful collaboration with other high-tech SMEs specializing in optical, medical and mechatronic technologies.

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SpeakUp Reporting

Sustainable commerce provides the basis for positive future prospects for the environment, society and the economy, as well as each individual employee or business partner of INDUS (the group parent company).

The cornerstones of the culture of INDUS are the distribution of the key requirements and their independent implementation and management in the subsidiary companies, as well as a shared understanding of values and the minimisation of risks for a sustainable corporate development.

The “SpeakUp” reporting system creates additional trust and security on the basis of a clearly defined structure for the reporting and the escalation process which is accessible to everyone, thereby ensuring the sustainable success of the group and averting damage. Public channels are also available.

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Here you will find the privacy information for whistleblowers and for parties involved.

SpeakUp-Plattform (Code: 03764)

Further information:
SpeakUp Guide
SpeakUp FAQs